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Shaw's brick 61 found at Bold Street Greenbank, St Helens behind the Phoenix Inn.

Shaw's brick 61.
Out walking today and thought I better check out behind the Phoenix Inn, Bold Street, Greenbank. I had drove past a few days before and could see that the trees behind the Inn has been cleared and some walls had been removed. I knew that the Phoenix Inn was built around the 1900's and so there was a good chance that old bricks had been left from the demolition. I was not disappointed and some kind demolition man had left me a Shaw's brick (A new find) to photograph.
The front brickmark was in good condition but what was interesting was that on the back was the number 61. No idea what this was so I need to do more research. The brick originates from Shaw's Glazed Brick Co Ltd., (Owner: William Henry Shaw), Whitebirk, Blackburn, Lancs.